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      BHIMANI GROUP was incorporated in 1950 as a Trading House of Chemicals, and since then there is no looking back. Gradually our elders understood that the next move to head in this industry is to start a small-scale Dyestuff Manufacturing unit. We have been trading the raw materials of the Dyestuffs and Intermediates then why not to start MANUFACTURING the finish product on our own too. Hence, it was the year 2001, when BHIMANI GROUP took the bold decision and inaugurated its first Manufacturing unit. Today, BHIMANI GROUP has almost 67 years of worldwide experience in the field of Trading and Manufacturing & Exporting Dyestuffs, Dye-Intermediates & Pigments.
      Being in the same business, it’s the third generation that still is working and following the traditions laid by their elders. It’s not just the traditions that has helped us but also the positive and flexible nature of our people which helped us to stand distinctively in this perfectly competitive market.
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